About Us

The Tralee Bay Heritage Association (TBHA) is a registered not for profit volunteer group that was founded by a number of individuals from the Fenit-Tralee area in 2012. The TBHA Association aims to develop a range of heritage projects in Tralee Bay and its hinterland.


  • The initial primary objective of the TBHA was to undertake the recovery and conservation of two large anchors from the wreck of the 1916 German gun- running ship, SMS Libau, more commonly known in Ireland as the Aud.
  • To 
identify and complete heritage projects.
  • Facilitate the provision of heritage activities that will raise awareness within the community and encourage participation.
  • Identify sources of funding to pay for these projects and activities.

Chairman: John B Moriarty
Secretary: Liam Doyle
Treasurer: John A Moriarty
PRO:  JP Brick

Archaeologist: Laurence Dunne
Architect: Stephen O’Sullivan

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